Sandeep Heble (Secretary)

Goa Badminton Association

Having studied and virtually lived my entire childhood at Don Bosco Panjim, I can vouch that the DBO Oratory is one of the liveliest places around especially if you are a sportsperson. The management has been taking painstaking efforts to promote various sports disciplines such as football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and a variety of other games. They have a good coaching programme run by efficient coaches and a very friendly staff. There's something there for everybody.

Annalie Gracias

Freelance Journalist

Don Bosco Oratory, Panjim, has been like a second home for the past three years. From being a part of the youth club, organizing events together, and making great memories along the way - I'm truly grateful to have been a part of the Oratory.

Bosco Almeida

Student & DBO volunteer

DBO has been my second home. I have spent a major part of my day there. I learnt to play various games like basketball, table tennis, football badminton, cricket and have taken part in various tournaments, events etc. I made amazing memories and had a lot of fun there.

Victor Vazt

National Sports Director (Special Olympics Bharat), Boscoite

Don Bosco created the Oratory to be a space for development of the youth. It gives them the strength to be persons

Renee Pinto

Assistant Professor of Portuguese, Instituto Camoes

The Oratory has been like a second home, where the friends you make become family and the youth can spend their time valuably

Gilbert Mendes

Director, Electro Curve Marketing Solutions

Don Bosco is a place that has moulded me into who I am with the best friends of my life and the values given by the Salesian Education. Oratory is a factor in determining who I am today.