Don Bosco Oratory Rules and Regulations -

Voluntary Service

1. Voluntary service is highly recommended, encouraged and will be fostered among the members. 2. Voluntary service can be rendered by way of proper functioning of the oratory or maintenance of the complex. 3. Proper functioning of the Oratory includes: Service at the Oratory Sports store, arrangement of place for coaching, help at organizing of programmes/coaching. Assisting at programs/coaching, avail of individual expertise for programmes and the likes. 4. Maintenance of the Oratory includes: Help in cleanliness of the area, arrangement of games hall, help repair damaged area/ equipment, etc. 5. Responsible members who volunteer regularly will be given special volunteer member cards, and rewarded duly for service rendered. 6. Special concessions and benefits can/will be made to such members by the Rector or Director as per need.

Other Allied Associations

1. Don Bosco School and its units. 2. Don Bosco Higher Secondary. 3. Don Bosco Past Pupil Association. 4. Don Bosco Hostel. 5. Don-Bosco- Aspirantate. 6. Don Bosco- Cooperators. 7. The Shrine of Our lady of Fatima. 8. Don Bosco- Night School.


1. Governance for us is not a matter of rule but a matter of service 2. In the spirit of Don Bosco, the Oratory always served as a home for the youngster where they would learn, develop and grow. Hence those responsible will strive likewise to maintain the same spirit, to give back to society what they in turn have received from it for the benefit of growth and development of youth in every generation. 3. The Coaches, Tutors, Organizers of the various activities are responsible for the members in their charge 4. There will be an elected and/or Nominated Board incharge of the organization of the various activities in the oratory, in consultation with the Director. 5. The Oratory Board responsibilities will be as follows: President (the director of the Oratory), Secretary (Oratory member). Treasurer (Administrator of the Salesian Community), Outdoor Activities In-charge (Oratory Member), Indoor Activities Incharge (Oratory member), Counselling Director (Salesian appointed as Director of the Counselling Department). 6. The Rector, Director, Salesian fathers and Brothers of the Salesians Community of Don Bosco Panjim, are the ex-officio members of the Oratory Board. 7. Board members must be registered members of the Oratory. 8. Members who are executive committee members of the other allied Associations (list attached below) of the Panjim Salesian Society, are not eligible to be executive Board members of the Oratory. 9. The members of the Board are responsible for their charge for a minimum term of 6 months and a maximum term of ONE year, after which fresh elections or appointments are to be made. 10. Besides the Admission cards, special volunteer cards will be issued at the discretion of the director, to those deserving members who show extra concern and responsibility to the programmes and equipment of the Oratory. Special benefits will be given to such members.

Activities Organized

1. The infrastructure provides for the following sports activities: Basketball (indoor & outdoor), table-tennis, Badminton, Carrom, Chess, Board Games, Pools (Senior & Junior), Volley-ball (indoor & outdoor), Cricket, Football, handball, Gym, Auditorium, and other allied facilities for personal growth. Hence regular time-slots are allowed to various age groups for proper guided use of facilities 2. Regular and periodic Coaching camps are organized in various sporting faculties as per the availability of coaches (invited from other states, SAG, GFA, etc.) 3. Tournaments are organized at the Oratory level, and also in the open category, in various sporting and educational fields. 4. The Oratory also endeavors to impart skill in playing musical instruments, both brass band as well as string instruments. 5. The aim of the Oratory is to discover and develop varied talents among youth and give them a platform to excel in the field of their choices. Hence other programmes will be organized in Dramatics, voice-training, dancing, Music, Public Speaking, talents, hobbies, etc. 6. Excursions are organized to serve the purpose of enabling the student to acquire direct and first hand knowledge of some relevant issues, social or environmental. This will enable the members to be attuned to the facts of his/her surroundings and help each to make a personal experience. Proper permission of the parent/ guardian has to be obtained to attend the same, when announced. 7. Other Groups involved: i. Team system among the members for regular activities and developing sportsman spirit. ii. Registered Teams in various sports faculties. iii. Allied talent search clubs among the oratory members.

Oratory Fees

1. All members of the Oratory are considered as registered members, only if they have paid the necessary registration fee as per the fee structure set for that academic year by the Director and the Board.

2. For Students/Non-working members only: (Refer Membership Details Page for New Fee Structure)

3. For Working Students:(Refer Membership Details Page for New Fee Structure)

4. Fees are to be paid in advance at the time of registration/ renewal. Otherwise members will not be allowed in the premises. 5. No deduction/ refund of fees will be made for broken period of attendance. 6. For concessions in the fees for membership as well as individual coaching camps, individual may approach the Rector or the Director of the Oratory. 7. The refundable fee/deposit is fully refundable when the member leaves the oratory, after deductions due to breakage/damage and misuse. 8. All payments will have to be made centrally, either in the Oratory office or the Administrator’s office. 9. For convenience, a temporary receipt is provided for in the registrations form. Hence, forms could be submitted at different authorized centers or members. However, members should collect proper receipts from the Oratory/Administrator’s office, following which admission will be confined. 10. All donations and support fee should be made at the Oratory/Administrator’s office only. 11. Payments to the coaches/animators will be made from the office alone as per agreement with the Director. 12. All monetary transactions, camp fee, bookings, payments, withdrawals, will be done centrally from the Oratory/Administrator’s office.

Registrations/Admissions and Withdrawal

1. The minimum age of registration for any of the activities is 6 years. 2. Every member, at the time of initial registration must bring: i. Any proof of identity (License, ration card, leaving certificate of a recognized school, Municipal Birth Certificate), to ascertain his/her identity and date of Birth. ii. Properly filled registration form, duly signed by parent or guardian (for all students) 3. A student member must be introduced by either one of the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be responsible for the conduct of the member. 4. Don Bosco Oratory is a non-profit organization, yet proper behavior and decorum need to be maintained. It after sufficient warning and reminders the members fails to respond, he/she could be suspended or the membership terminated. In such a case the member loses the membership fee and will be given the refund due after deduction incurred due to any damage. 5. The registrations are allotted in specific time frames. (6 months, 1 year). On the expiry of the time frame registered for, the member is considered withdrawn from the oratory, unless renewal or extension is granted. 6. The registration card is an important document for the Oratory and has to be carried by the member every time he/she visits it and wish to use the facilities. 7. Duplicate memberships cards will be made on requests, with a minimal default fee of Rs. 10/-


1. The Oratory is not a business Institute but a sister concern of the world wide Salesian Society-an Educational Institute with a firm religious basis. Hence, any membership taken does not give obligatory rights within the complex, especially when religious and human values are at stake 2. The fee structure will be ordinarily kept at a minimal degree to encourage more participation and also some service towards the oratory on the part of the members.(Check Voluntary service Rules) 3. The Oratory time schedule is between 3.00 pm and 8.30 pm regularly. Special coaching could also be conducted in the morning before regular class hours, i.e. 6.30 am – 7.30 am. On Vacation holidays however the programmes will be conducted throughout the day. 4. All members must wear proper sporting attire during organized camps. And casual sports wear on regular days. 5. No Smoking and consumption of alcohol or Pan is permitted within the oratory complex. 6. Proper time schedules will be allotted for different age groups in different sporting faculties. Members are requested to take a note of the timings and use the facilities strictly according to schedule for smooth functioning, unless with the necessary explicit permission of the One Incharge. 7. Members are strictly forbidden to write or make any remark on the walls/floors ar any part of the Oratory premises or on furniture. Any member doing so will be liable to punishment/suspension and/or fine. 8. Members are responsible for the safe custody of their personal sports equipment and attire. 9. No presents or any demonstrations to the various faculty leaders without the explicit permission of the Oratory Director, will be permitted. 10. No member is allowed to use the various facilities without the permission of the one-incharge. 11. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, absenteeism due to family vacation outings, is no reason for extension of Membership. 12. Members do not reserve any right over any of the facilities provides, unless and until it is made available by the Director. The Director of the Oratory and the Rector of the institute reserve full rights in this regard. 13. Any serious breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to members of the faculty and management will be treated severely. 14. All members are responsible to the oratory authorities for their behavior outside the premises, especially on the occasion when they represent the oratory team. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the premises on the part of the members shall make them liable to disciplinary action.(Edn Rules No. 25) 15. Every member should endeavour to keep up the high tone of the Oratory by excelling in Sportsmanship, good manners, and excellence. 16. Counselling, Career Guidance, and other formative opportunities will be offered to the members. It is obligatory on the part of its members to attend at least one of these in the course of their membership. 17. All registrations and detentions for the various activities are decided only after careful consideration of all the aspects of the member’s progress. The decision of the director in this regard is final and binding. 18. In case of accidents and injury, the Oratory authorities will administer first aid to the members, but cannot be held responsible for such accidents. 19. The Salesian management reserves the right to add, alter or amend any of these rules and the same shall be binding on the parents and all the members. 20. In case of serious breach of conduct/misbehavior, the concerned member may be banned from attending the Oratory, by the Rector of the Institute or the Director