Starting from June 2002, Carreño Counselling Centre has been providing counselling services at the centre housed within the Don Bosco Oratory building was founded by Fr. Ian Figueiredo. Fr. Egidio Fernandes sdb, a trained counsellor, was in charge of the counselling centre from June 2002 - June 2004, when he was appointed counsellor at the Diocesan Family Service Centre. Thereafter, in 2005 Ms. Janice was appointed Coordinator of the counselling centre. In the year 2006 Fr. Jose Sequeira was appointed Director of the counselling centre and counsellors Ms. Cynthia Andrade and Ms. Savita Fernandes served at the centre for a year. In July 2007, Ms. Sandra Rodrigues (July 2007 - January 2008) and Ms. Andrea Gomes (July 2007 - December 2012) were appointed. In a move to make counselling more acceptable and clear out misconceptions about counselling, the centre made its services available to a number of other institutions in Goa. Having worked with students, teachers, parents, parish youth groups, and women's self help groups in different places in Goa from 2007 till 2010, the centre has made progress in making counselling more acceptable and desirable among the general public. In July 2010 Ms. Aveena De Sa was appointed on a full time basis while Ms. Marilia Fernandes joined Carreño Counselling Centre on part time basis from August 2010. In March 2012 Ms. Aveena De Sa resigned from the centre. In July 2012 Ms. Grebian Alemao was appointed Counselling Psychologist. Ms. Marilia Fernandes and Ms. Andrea Gomes resigned from Carreño Counselling Centre in October 2012 and December 2012, respectively. In February 2013, Mrs. Tasneem Laljee Gomes was appointed as a Counselling Psychologist. There were on the job trainees for a month each, Affrin Shaikh and Vanessa D'cunha, for the months of March and May 2013. In the month of July Ms. Grebian Alemao resigned. Ms. Francisca De Melo was appointed as a Counselling Psychologist from October till June 2014 and she resigned in June2014. Ms. Sabrina was appointed on part time counsellor from the month of June 2014. Thereafter Miss Ancy Fernandes was appointed as a Counselling Psychologist from the month of August 2014. The two present counselors are Mrs. Tasneem Laljee Gomes and Ms. Ancy Fernandes.

  • To provide a serene and healthy ambience wherein the stress and strain of life is eased.
  • To correct the misconceptions of counselling and make it acceptable and easily accessible to one and all.
  • To offer Personal Counselling as well as Group Sessions for the students, parents, youth and families in Goa.
  • To provide professional assistance (testing and guidance) to those seeking career guidance.
  • To offer periodic formative programs for all-round human development.
  • To further upgrade the counselling facilities to directly provide the needs of the youth today.
Services Available:
  • Personal Counselling : We provide one to one counseling to individuals from varied age groups
  • Group Counselling / Therapy : Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time (including couples, parent and child)
  • Workshops : Personality Development, Self Esteem, Bullying, Stress Management, Nutrition, Decision Making, Respect, Peer Group influence, anger management discipline, etiquettes, emotion and relationships, off-beat careers, are a few issues we reflect on...
  • Career Testing and Counselling : Career Testing, aptitude testing, and counselling for students and parents.
  • Services for Colleges : Counselling sessions for Students and teachers.
  • Services for Schools : School counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefitting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community
Rates of Services of Sessions:
  • Personal Counselling :
    • First Session - Rs. 250
    • Follow-up Session - Rs. 150
  • Aptitude Testing :
    • Aptitude Test + Personality Inventory + Comprehensive Interest Inventory - Rs. 800
    • Aptitude Test (DAT) - Rs. 350
    • Personality Test (16 PF, TAT) - Rs.350
    • Intelligence Test (Weschler Test) - Rs. 350
  • Workshops :
    • Half day workshop - ( >2 1⁄2 hours) -Rs. 500
    • Full Day Workshop - (4 hours) - Rs. 850
  • School Counseling :
    • Per Hour - Rs. 150
Description of Report:

The aptitude test report involves a detailed description of the student's performance on each of the tests. All of the 3 tests will be discussed at length. Thereafter there will be a list of career options which would be suggested for the students based on his/her performance on the tests.



Take The Right Step Ahead
  • Counsellors: Mrs. Tasneem Laljee Gomes, Ms. Ancy Fernandes, Ms. Sabrina Sharma
  • Days: Monday to Friday
  • Time: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

$ 10/1 Months

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